Don’t Be A Salesman Be A Real Person

Hi to you all,  nice to be with you again.

I hope you will like this post: Don’t Be A Salesman Be A Real Person


real person

Nobody likes a salesman! Do you?  The same is with internet business. If you want to earn money you cannot sell, you must give a solution to a problem!

And you can do this by making frineds with your customers. When people will know you they will more likely to buy from you.


Be a real person a genuine one!  Think of your customers as group of people with who you would like to meet at a party.  Treat them as your friends. And offer them help.

Always give them your contact info!  Especially if you offer a refund, and I think you should always do this.  Don’t say you don’t have time, and if you are really busy assure you will get back as soon as possible.


But how you can do this?

The core of every successful on-line business is a list of subscribers! If you don’t have one build it NOW.  I love Aweber!

And when your list will be growing, you must build trust with your subscribers.  Tell them your story, offer free gifts and then sell to them!  But do not do this the other way! If you will sell first you will lose half of your list.


There will be always unsubscribers but don’t worry if you will do as I’ve told you, you will succeed.  The true relationship with your subscribers will save you!


So don’t be a salesman but a genuine person!  I’m wonder what you think? Is this a good model? I’m waiting for your thoughts!  Share it with us below and share it with your friends if you’ve liked it, thank you.

All the best and see you on top.  Erwin.