Don’t Be A Salesman Be A Real Person

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real person

Nobody likes a salesman! Do you?  The same is with internet business. If you want to earn money you cannot sell, you must give a solution to a problem!

And you can do this by making frineds with your customers. When people will know you they will more likely to buy from you.


Be a real person a genuine one!  Think of your customers as group of people with who you would like to meet at a party.  Treat them as your friends. And offer them help.

Always give them your contact info!  Especially if you offer a refund, and I think you should always do this.  Don’t say you don’t have time, and if you are really busy assure you will get back as soon as possible.


But how you can do this?

The core of every successful on-line business is a list of subscribers! If you don’t have one build it NOW.  I love Aweber!

And when your list will be growing, you must build trust with your subscribers.  Tell them your story, offer free gifts and then sell to them!  But do not do this the other way! If you will sell first you will lose half of your list.


There will be always unsubscribers but don’t worry if you will do as I’ve told you, you will succeed.  The true relationship with your subscribers will save you!


So don’t be a salesman but a genuine person!  I’m wonder what you think? Is this a good model? I’m waiting for your thoughts!  Share it with us below and share it with your friends if you’ve liked it, thank you.

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Top 5 Free Traffic Methods To Use Today

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I want to talk to you about traffic, today. I just love traffic.



Top 5 free traffic methods to use today!

Number 1 „Blog Commenting”

I love this method, it is simple and fun. You just need to find very popular blogs and you need to comment on their posts. I would sign up for new post update that you could be one of the first to comment.

And it must be a good quality comment which bring value to the post. And remember to leave a link to your site, usually it is automated by commentluv and some blogs owners don’t like links inside the comment but if they do just put it and wait for the traffic. I know you won’t be waiting long.


Number 2 „Forum Posting”

Another powerful free traffic method. The best forum of course is Warrior Forum (for internet marketing) but you can look around for others on google in any niche.

It is also very simple and effective. Just remember to edit your signature with links to your sites. You may be asked to post some new posts first but it is worthy to do. And post regularly for great results.

And remember to track your traffic. The best thing to do this is to sign up for google analytics. It is free as well and simple to use. You just need  to put the code from your account into your site.


Number 3 „Guest Posting”

This is more advance method but also very good. After you have built relationship with your best and most popular blog by commenting on thier posts, ask the blog owner if you can write your onw post for them. If they say yes, and why not in the post there will be a signature linking to your site and usally a short note about you so you can be seen as an expert.

It is worth trying!


Number 4 „Video Marketing”

It is essential now! Youtube is huge. If you are scared of creating your own videos, you can outsource it! But why it, doesn’t have to be holywood production. Use your camera or phone and create a one to five minutes video and publish it on your youtube account with link to your site below.

It may go viral very soon! And have some fun!


Numer 5 „Social Networking”

Social media are so popular now that you just have to use it, too in your on-line appearance! Everytime you posting on you blog share it on facebook and other social medai sites. But I would do it manualy instead of just using plugins. I think it is more effective.


Of course there are many other free traffic methods but this powerful five are the ones to start in my opinion.  But you must do it on daily basis and it  require some work but it is very effective.

If you want to learn more about Free and paid traffic try:

„Simple Traffic Solutions” by John Thornhill  I’ve tried it and I recomend it very much.


That’s it for today.

I wish you all the best and see you on top.


Simple Copywriting Tips

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This is a new blog post of mine but I hope you will find here a very good content.  

I want to talk about simple copywriting tips, today.


Do you know what copywriting is? From wikipedia: „Copywriting is the act of writing copy (text) for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea. The addressee (reader, listener, etc.) of the copy is meant to be persuaded to buy the product advertised for, or subscribe to the viewpoint the text shares.”  So it is act of selling by writing interesting text.  And I’ve got few very usefull tips for you.


Headline!  Yes, the first thing people see of your writing is a headline. So it must be outstanding. It must catch attention and must put your readers to action. If they will see your great headline they will read the rest of your text.

So, how to write a good headline? There are few examples:

X ways! „5 Simple Ways To Lose Weight After Pregnency.” This is a very good headline and it make couriosity to your readers.

Dramatic Question! „Is this the death of diet pills? (Answer below)” Does it make you to read more? I hope it does!

The #1 Headline!  The #1 Secret to atract women!” It may not be good headline for women to read more but definitely for men.

Personal! „I’m a millionaire…” Catchy?  I hope you see what is important. But after the great headline must follow a good text and the first paragraph must be also a good quality. So people will read till the end.


So what are the 5 most important copywriting tips:

  •  Use only short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Write like you talk.
  • Conversational, and No jargon.
  • Speak to the reader directly.
  • And first paragraph must stand out like the headline, must „draw them in”.


I hope you know now how to be a great copywriter, but if this is too much for you just remember the #1 most important thing:  When you write a copywriting article you must  MAKE A LIST OF THE BENEFITS!  You are promoting somethnig so the list of benefits is essential.


I hope you will like this post on the blog and if you do, please share it. I also wait for your comments.


That’s it for today and see you soon.

See you on top, your friend and partner Erwin.


Top 5 Autoresponders On The Market To Use Today

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I’ve promised you an autoresponder review, so here you go:


Why you need an autoresponder? I’m sure you’ve heard that the money is in the list! So to manage your list you need an autoresponder!  I’ll give you the best five option to use.

Lets start:


I want to start with Aweber! I think it is one of the best. I was using it and I was very happy with the service.  And if you want you can start a month trial for a $1. See it here!

But why Aweber? It is very easy to navigate and gives you a lot of options. But you have to see it by yourself. And maybe you will love it too.  Try Aweber Now!


The next one is Getresponse! In my opinion it is aweber main rival. I won’t tell you a lot about their serivce because I don’t use it. But the price I think is better than aweber. If you want you can see it here.  And you can try it for FREE for the first month! So if you think it is better than aweber get a Getresponse account!


The third one I recommend is Simplycast! It is not just an autoresponder but a whole marketing tool. I’ve tried it and it works well.  And if you want to use it just as an autoresponder till 2000 email contacts it is free! So it is good at least to see. Simplycast toolbox maybe it is right for you!


We have passed the half way so let see what we have got left. On the forth place is Mailchimp!  It is also a marketing tool but has got less options than simplycast. But it is also very easy to use.  And Mailchimp is also free till 2000 subscribers! So go to thier page NOW. Try Mailchimp  The first two are just autoresopnders the next two are full marketing tools but it is your choice which one to choose. But I was talking about five so lets get back to the last one.


It is GVOmail! But why I’m talking about it at the end? Because it is a hosting comapny which also offer an autoresponder. But if you want to get the autoresponder, first you need to host your site with them. So if you need a host and also an autoresponder it is option for you.  There you go! I’ve offer you the best in my opinion autoresponders on the market to use today. I hope you will choose wisely. And remember if you want an on-line business you need an autoresponder but which one it is up to you.


I would love to hear from you what you think about autoresponders? Which one are you using or want to use? Or maybe you think there is even better one than this five above? Please share yout thoughts.


Thank you and see you next time.




How To Build Your List Fast?

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List building income


How to build list fast?

This is the title question, but other important thing is that your list is your on-line buisness.  I bet you’ve heard that the money is in the list. And this is true.

You must build a list and then build relationship with your list to earn money!

So how to build a list? First you need an autoresponer! I recommend „Aweber”

Aweber, I think it is the best one, but you can choose any. I’ll post about atoresponders soon so came back often here.


Then you need to build a squeeze page, where you are giving something for free to collect your visitor e-mail.  And you can make money fast, too. Just add an OTO (One Time Offer) it is your thank you page where you can sell something immediately. It must be great value and in affordable price.

Now, when you have your first subscriber you must build realtionship with him.  So don’t spam him with offere after offer. Give also a freebie. People like free stuff! And then try to sell somethnig but not rubbish.

And the best part of this is you can do it all just once. And then your only job is to drive traffic to your squeeze page.  If you want to know how it works visit one of my site:  It offer a FREE DVD

And if you want to be a list building expert you must have this DVD. Just click here. It will guide you to success.


I wish you luck, and please comment and I will definitely respond.  Or ask me a question I’m happy to help.  And if you like it, share it with your friends.  They will thank you for this.


 See you soon.  Erwin.


How To Earn Money In Affiliate Marketing?

How are you today my friends?


I was off for so long so straight to the point, how to earn money in affiliate marketing?


list building

First what an affiliate marketing is: „It is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts” – according to wikipedia.

So in internet affiliate marketing you must draw traffic to others internet marketers products or services to earn a commissions.

And what is the simple strategy to do so?
I hope you already know it! Of course it is your list of subscribers!

Everyone is now telling that you need a list to earn money on internet and they are right!
The money is in the list!

But how, quickly, you can build a list of subscribers?

To do so, you need a free gift which you will be giving to a customer on your squeeze page.
And what is a squeeze page you may ask?

It is a web page which you can build in a few minutes or even 90 seconds with this service with your free gift and an opt in form from your autoresponder.
And here comes another question what is an autoresponder?

It is a free or paid service on which you can add a subscribers and sent them an e-mials, automaticly or manually. I recomend Aweber, it is easy and efficiency.

And when you will have got an autoresponder and a squeeze page you need to drive traffic to this squeeze page and your list will be growing.

The best traffic is a paid one called „solo ads” for quick and good results. Just have a look online there are a lots of people who offer a „solo ads

And when your list will be growing you must build trust with your list by giving for free some e-books or videos and in between you may offer your affiliate products for the commission.

And there you go, this is the easiet and fastest way to earn and even earn big as an affiliate. If you want to know more about list building check this: very helpfull

I hope you know what to do now, and if you think it is profitable, please share it with your friends by the buttons below. And I’m waiting for your comments.

I wish you all the best and I hope to see you soon.
Bye for now, Erwin.

I’m Back And I Will Do My Best To Post More Offten

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how was it when I was off? I hope you did a great things when I was offline, if not, come to me for fresh and new posts on my blog.

I'm back

I was offline because I moved to another flat and I have not been connected to the net for over two months, but I’m online now and I will do my job properly now.


I’ve got some ideas of new post so please come back here very often.


That is it for now, but new fresh content of IM tips in a few days I promise.


It will be worthy so come back soon and invite your friends too.


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How Your 2014 Will Be?

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Do you have a clear plan for 2014? It isn’t too late to plan even NOW.



Why I ask? Because with plan you know where to go, where you are and when you will succeed? Do you agree with me? I hope so. So do you have a plan for the new year?

Planning is very important. If an enginer wants to build a bridge, he must know what material to use and how strong the bridge must be? Before we will go through the bridge, first it must be on paper and then a model is build and when the planning is finished then the builders start to work.

I’m wonder how big and strong will be your bridge to success in 2014?

If you have  a plan that is great, but if not create it now. And come back to it on the way of the new year. Check if you are on the right path, what have you completed and what must still be done?

If you have a map you will reach your destination, but if you think you will manage without one, you are wrong.

I wish you all the best and I hope the new year will be a way of success for you, but you may help it a lot if you will create a clear plan and you will follow it.

But be realistic and plan what you will achieve not your biggest draams. You can dream and this is great but plan what is doable for you and if you will reach your small step, give yourself a reward it will help you on the way.

I know you will do it right so have fun and plan your future.

And share with us what is your plan for 2014?  And if you’ve liked the post show it to your friends, thank you.

See you on top,



The Wind Of Change!

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You may be surprised or not, by the title of this post, but I want to say some words about changes in our life.


wind of change

Everything is changing, but most of the time we are affraid of it. Why is that?

When all is OK and stable in our life, we feel comfortable. And we like it, but if we need to change something, like our job or home, most of us are afraid of it. But don’t be, the end of something is a begining of something new and most of the time something better.

There are four seasons in a year, and they change all the time, it is natural, so why we afraid of somethnig natural?

And if you are new to internet marketing, do be afraid of it. It takes time to achieve success, but if you will work hard and you will be patient, the success will come sooner or later. But you must choose you niche and stick to it, don’t jump from one project to another. You won’t be millionaire next week, but step by step you can claim the ladder to become a master in your niche. I know you will succeed, if you will set yourself right goals, and you will stay on the path, till the end.

The wind of change continue blowing. Start your journey now and see you at the top. It is closer then you think!

How you react to change, I would love to hear? Do you afraid of it or is it natural?

And share it with your friends if you see value here, thank you!



There are a lot of changes going on!

Hello dear friends,


I’ve had to change my hosting proivder and that is why all my post have gone from this blog. I’ll try to rebuild this site but it will take time. But I hope you will stay with me on the way.


I’m sorry if you are dissapointed but this things happen this is life so lets get up and be even stronger.



See you soo with my first great blog post.



Till then please tell me what you would like to see here, I’m waiting for your suggestions?


Have a great weekend,