Błogosławionych Świąt!!! Happy Easter.

Jest taki czas, kiedy potrzebujemy chwili spokoju i zadumy.


Czas dla siebie, a dla tych co wierzą, również czas dla Boga. Co nie wierzą, czas dla wyższych celów.


Właśnie teraz jest ten czas! Wesołych Świąt Wielkiej Nocy. Niech Zmartwychwstały Pan, wszystkim błogosławi, niezależnie od wyznania, czy wiary.


Dzielmy się z wszystkimi w około miłością i radością z pustego grobu, z nadzieją na życie wieczne w niebie.


Happy Easter my friends.


Happy Easter!

Hello to you all my friends,


I just want to wish you all a very happy Easter. May this time be holy and blessed.

The risen Christ my fill you all with joy and happiness.

This is the most valuable time in the year when we should be glad for such a God’s love for us.



Happy Easter.




7 Best Tips To Get More Done

7 Best Tips To Get More Done




If you are trying to get more things done, then organization should be the main thing that you should focus on. When you are organized, you will realize that things just seem to run smoother. Whether it is with your belongings or with your schedule, you will need to make sure that things are organized.
Time Management

When you manage your time correctly, you will surely get more things done. This means that you should make use of every hour of the day and try your best to stay productive at all times.

While you are working, you will need to remain focused at all times. Remember that you do not want to waste any time and it is important to try your best to not distracted by little things like the internet and other minor distractions.

You will need to understand that nutrition is something very crucial towards your focus throughout the day. An unhealthy diet will lead to an up and down day that will lead to less focus. If you are able to eat a healthy diet, you will see an increase in your focus.

Getting enough sleep is very important and 8 hours a day should be the minimum. If you happen to feel tired during the day, then a 15 minute nap will have you up and ready in no time.

You will be energetic after this short nap and you will be able to get this energy from caffeine. However, you do not want to take caffeine 5 hours before you sleep as it can stop you from getting a good night of sleep.
Taking a Break

Sometimes working too hard can wear you down and so you will simply need to take a break to see more things get done in the future. Take a break and you will then be back to work with a new sense of motivation.


That is it but I know it will help you.



And if you see value here comment and share please.


See you next time Erwin.

I’m Back And I Will Do My Best To Post More Offten

Hi dear friends,


how was it when I was off? I hope you did a great things when I was offline, if not, come to me for fresh and new posts on my blog.

I'm back

I was offline because I moved to another flat and I have not been connected to the net for over two months, but I’m online now and I will do my job properly now.


I’ve got some ideas of new post so please come back here very often.


That is it for now, but new fresh content of IM tips in a few days I promise.


It will be worthy so come back soon and invite your friends too.


BR Erwin.

How Your 2014 Will Be?

Hi dear friends,

how was your day?


Do you have a clear plan for 2014? It isn’t too late to plan even NOW.



Why I ask? Because with plan you know where to go, where you are and when you will succeed? Do you agree with me? I hope so. So do you have a plan for the new year?

Planning is very important. If an enginer wants to build a bridge, he must know what material to use and how strong the bridge must be? Before we will go through the bridge, first it must be on paper and then a model is build and when the planning is finished then the builders start to work.

I’m wonder how big and strong will be your bridge to success in 2014?

If you have  a plan that is great, but if not create it now. And come back to it on the way of the new year. Check if you are on the right path, what have you completed and what must still be done?

If you have a map you will reach your destination, but if you think you will manage without one, you are wrong.

I wish you all the best and I hope the new year will be a way of success for you, but you may help it a lot if you will create a clear plan and you will follow it.

But be realistic and plan what you will achieve not your biggest draams. You can dream and this is great but plan what is doable for you and if you will reach your small step, give yourself a reward it will help you on the way.

I know you will do it right so have fun and plan your future.

And share with us what is your plan for 2014?  And if you’ve liked the post show it to your friends, thank you.

See you on top,



The Wind Of Change!

Hi dear friends,
how are you today?
I wish you all a very good day!

You may be surprised or not, by the title of this post, but I want to say some words about changes in our life.


wind of change

Everything is changing, but most of the time we are affraid of it. Why is that?

When all is OK and stable in our life, we feel comfortable. And we like it, but if we need to change something, like our job or home, most of us are afraid of it. But don’t be, the end of something is a begining of something new and most of the time something better.

There are four seasons in a year, and they change all the time, it is natural, so why we afraid of somethnig natural?

And if you are new to internet marketing, do be afraid of it. It takes time to achieve success, but if you will work hard and you will be patient, the success will come sooner or later. But you must choose you niche and stick to it, don’t jump from one project to another. You won’t be millionaire next week, but step by step you can claim the ladder to become a master in your niche. I know you will succeed, if you will set yourself right goals, and you will stay on the path, till the end.

The wind of change continue blowing. Start your journey now and see you at the top. It is closer then you think!

How you react to change, I would love to hear? Do you afraid of it or is it natural?

And share it with your friends if you see value here, thank you!



There are a lot of changes going on!

Hello dear friends,


I’ve had to change my hosting proivder and that is why all my post have gone from this blog. I’ll try to rebuild this site but it will take time. But I hope you will stay with me on the way.


I’m sorry if you are dissapointed but this things happen this is life so lets get up and be even stronger.



See you soo with my first great blog post.



Till then please tell me what you would like to see here, I’m waiting for your suggestions?


Have a great weekend,