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Ile kosztuje utrzymanie bloga?

Pewnie zadajecie sobie często pytanie ile kosztuje utrzymanie bloga?



Otóż nie jest to wcale takie drogie. Co potrzebujemy aby wystartować z blogiem, na początek?

Są dwa rodzaje blogów:

  1. Na własnej domenie, tu coś musimy wydać.
  2. Drugi rodzaj to darmowe blogi na czy tu wszystko jest free, niestety z ograniczoną dostępnością do niektórych usług.


Także lepszą opcją jest blog na swojej własnej domenie, jest to też tańsze niż myślisz.

Pokażę ci na moim przykładzie.

Ale wróćmy do tego czego potrzebujemy do własnego bloga,otóż:

  1. domena, taka jak moja jest zarejestrowana na co kosztuje mnie 62 złote i parę groszy na rok, gdy rejestrujesz się na pierwszy rok z reguły są jeszcze zniżki.
  2. hosting, i tu trzeba uważać, gdyż można sporo przepłacić. Hosting oferują też sprzedający domeny lub inni gracze i to jest dość drogie. Jednak jest pewien myk, co prawda tak jak przy darmowym blogu nie masz wszystkich funkcji, ale możesz mieć hosting darmowy na, ja mam i jest OK. Jeśli starujesz z nowym blogiem i nie masz wolnej gotówki to jest super opcja.
  3. i ostatnia rzecz aby wystartować z swoim własnym blogiem, potrzebny będzie program go obsługujący, ja korzystam z wordpressa ( nie mylić z, po prostu instalujesz wordpressa na swojej domenie, jest to bardzo proste i już masz bloga.


I to by było na tyle. Reasumując na swój własny blog z własną domeną potrzebujesz nie całe 63 złote rocznie. Nieźle prawda, za 5 zł miesięcznie czyli jedna kawa mniej na miesiąc i masz swój własny blog.

Także startuj z własnym blogiem, życzę powodzenia.


Jeśli masz spostrzeżenia podziel się z nami w komentarzach,  lub udostępnij przez social media.



How To Get Started With Podcasting

How are you my friends?

Lets start with today’s post




How To Get Started With Podcasting

Engaging into a new business venture these days can be quite a challenge.

First of all, you have to come up with ways to have your business promoted to the great mass.

However, with the modern innovations nowadays such as the web, there are more means that you can take to advertise all that you’ve got to the offer through the virtual world.

One of the best ways to do so online would be through podcasting. It is easy to do and one of the most trending advertisement tools nowadays.

As you may know, podcasting is like blog posting. The only difference is that you have to put you’re writing into life by turning it into an audio material which your online audience can listen to for essential details on certain products and services that you’re offering.

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to do and you just have to learn the basics. To help you be guided, here is a guide that will teach you how to get started with podcasting:

Plan and Write

As a start, make a blog post or an article about your business. See to it that you have a good intro as that is the most crucial part when it comes to convincing your audience to go on.

Make it brief and understandable in an entertaining way, yet full of content about what you’ve got to offer.

Voicing Out

Once done with the planning and writing part, that calls for the recording.

As a tip, match your voice tone to your writing style. Condition your voice and it would be a plus if you try to emulate an outgoing popular radio personality as this will surely give a good impact to your audience.

When you’re done with the recording, the last step would be publishing it on the commercial site where you want your podcast to be heard. Of course, some of your audience would rather download the file rather listening to it online.

That said, have your podcast in different formats for various handheld consoles considering that not all your audience are iPod users.

Podcasting is really easy, yet an effective way to have your business advertised online. If you can follow those guidelines, then you should be good to go for podcasting.


That is it. Did you like it? Share your thoughts and tell your friends what you think?



Is Your Blog Dead Or Alive?

Hi dear friends,


How is your life? Mine is great, and I wish you all the same!

successful blog


But lest get back to the topic.

You’ve started a blog. You were so excited. You’ve picked up a niche you love, and you’ve started blogging!  The time is passing, do you see some result? Did you achive your goals? Did you have any golas when you’ve started? Do you still enjoy it?


This are just some of the questions you can have on the way of blogging. So is your blog still alive? Do you update it regulary? Or is it dead now? Your last post was a few months ago, and you don’t care any more.


There are millions of blogs on the net but only a few are successful. So what it takes to have a successful blog?


First it is commitment!  If you are starting a new chapter in your life, like to start a blog, you must set a goals. The small ones and the big ones and you must stick to it!  And you must remember that success comes with time. Give yourself a year to see good results and not give up after a month or two. Be patient!


And second be consistent.  If you blog once a day do it all the time or once a week don’t post every two weeks. Your content must be original and great quality. Brainstorm if you lack ideas or do a search online. And I will say it once more, be patient! Everything in life takes time!


And at the end, you must love what you do. Don’t start your blog only to earn money online, they will come sooner or later. But if you love what you do, it is not a job anymore but fun!


So why you have started your blog? Is it a successufl one or did you quit after a month or two? And what is you opinion about how successful blog should be? I would love to hear from you. And if you like it, share it with your friends by social media. Thanks.


See you on top.  Erwin.


As you can see my blog isn’t only to earn money I do it because I like it, but what do you like?

If you speak Polish see my other blog: Speedway Blog!

The Basics of Blogging

Hi to you all my friends,

I was off for a long time but I’m back I hope you will find value in this post.

I did!




Blogging is a way for people to express how they feel on the internet but it can also be a great way to make money. Though you may not see it as a way to make money, it is still something that you can do as a fun hobby. Here are some of the blogging basics and how you can get started with your blog.

Find A Niche

Before you make a blog, you will need to know what your niche is. A niche is basically what your blog is going to be about and it is important that you choose a niche that will get some traffic. You have to find a niche that is not too saturated but also not too unknown. Choosing a niche like baseball can be very common but it is a better idea to try and get specific by choosing an actual baseball team. You will need to find a niche that you can constantly write about and something that you truly have a passion for.

Stay Consistent

Choose a day of the week where you will release your next post so that you will be able to let your readers know when to expect a new post. You will need to stay consistent because you will most likely not have readers to begin with but you will need to remember that they will come. Do not base your success off of comments and views and base it off of how consistent you are.

If you are able to get these blogging basics down, then you will be able to start blogging. Starting and running a blog is really not that tough and as long as you choose a niche that you have a passion for, you will never get sick of making blog posts.



I must admit sometimes it is hard to stick even to this basics tips, for me too, but I hope we can manage, and our blogs will be growing fast.

I’m wonder what are your thoughts about blogging? Share it with us below and spread to your friends.



See you next time