Coś o mnie

Witam serdecznie, hi to you all my friends,


Witam na moim blogu, vey welcome to you here.

To ja kilka lat temu, this is me:



Piszę tu po polski i po angielsku, bo w pierwszej wersji był to blog anglojęzyczny, od dzisiaj 14-04-2017 jest to jednak blog w pełni Polski, jednak zostawiam to co było po angielsku bo się nie wstydzę a jak ktoś rozumie to może też przeczytać.


Obecnie mieszkam w Łodzi w Polsce i pracuję w banku. Mam dwójkę dzieci i żonę, których bardzo kocham. A pisanie bloga to moja pasja, dlatego to czytacie.

Mam nadzieję że będziecie tu często wracać, po interesujące rzeczy o których będę pisał i dzielił się z wami. Jeśli umiecie i macie ochotę czytajcie dalej:


I’m a middle age man from Poland but I currently live in the UK, Birmingham. And this is not true anymore!! In August 2013 My family and I have returned to Poland permanently. We live in Lodz in the central Poland. I work in NOC (Nordea Operation Center) as an Process Officer  in Debt Colletion Finland. I love my job, but I’m still active at this blog, it is my hobby and second income source. I love to play with my daughter and I love spend evenings with my wife. I’m also a big sport fan, I love especially Speedway!! And my team is STAL Gorzów Wlkp.



I’ve created this page to post advice about internet marketing. I hope I will be master at this very soon, and I will teach you this as well, so you could be masters, too.


I love internet and I want to make a lot of money on it, and work from home and be financially free. So I’m working hard to do so. And if I can do it, you can, too. But I must warn you, it is not easy and not for everyone. But if you love hard work at the beginig, you will succeed. And then you and I will be having a lot of money and a lot of free time to spend the wonga. So sign up for my list and get the best updates and freebies.


So you’ve know me a bit, please now say somethnig about you in the comments below, thank you.


To summary:

I’ve got wife and a  little baby girl and also a baby boy from February 2015 and I think I’m a lucky guy. I hope you love life as I do and you are a  happy person, too.


We have got a lot of opportunities this days, and internet can give you freedom and fun, and a lot of nice free time.


Thank you and come back for more from time to time!


Your friend and partner Erwin.


Pozdrawiam Erwin.


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